A downloadable Produce Police for Windows

Help Officer Slim clean out the rot that is taking over his city.

In this action, adventure, platformer, delve deep into the city's moldy underbelly and see what grows in the dark.

View the development log here.

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Design/Programming: Destry Diefenbach (@desdief)

Music: Orrie Diefenbach (@TheOrricle)

Featured art from Triston Diefenbach (age: 6) *older now

Soundtrack on Soundcloud

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The controls are configurable on startup. Recommended to be played with a gamepad. Example controller configuration.

Default Keyboard Controls:

Move Left: A / Left Arrow

Move Right: D / Right Arrow

Enter Door: W / Up Arrow

Jump: Space

Fire: Left Mouse Button

Pause: Esc

What's in the Demo Version

  • 7 locations, and 1 secret room
  • 2 different enemies and 1 boss fight
  • 3 item pickups - handcuffs, badge, and B9-AH sidearm
  • Many npc's to talk to, with over 100 lines of dialogue
  • 4 music tracks by The Orricle

Install instructions

Unzip ProducePolice.zip

Open ProducePolice folder

Run ProducePolice.exe


Produce Police Demo - Windows 59 MB

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